Yeah~~~ Just saw the rainbow out of my window!

This is the 1st time it rained shortly before I go to work
This is also the 1st time I saw a rainbow before I work.
This is the 4th time in my life to see a rainbow!

I captured the rainbow in camera, its mine~~~~
Now its gone le.. but I have the images, at least...
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Whole day at home! Din even spend a single cent. Just laze, gaming, sleep.
Been so so long that I did that already... although its kinda a "waste", but then! Its shiok and disgustingly addictive... going back to daydream liao~~
Have fun clubbing guys!
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Big Day

THE day is near.
All I have is fear.
It is just tomorrow.
Any guts to borrow?

Hope that it will be over soon
An agony that ends by noon
Its the anticipation that kills
Maybe I will take some pills?

Failure or success
Hope that I will be bless.......
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Periods of crying can betray the soul
Having the pain which makes us whole.

Without pain what would happiness be?
Would IT be there for me to see.

Would we not know IT
Without pain, would I know a bit?

Is my pain in a way needed?
Is it somehow misleaded?

Trying to show me, yet I got caught,
Too selfish coz busy with my own thought.

But when you are happy think of the pain,
Oh think how good it is to be happy again.
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I have decided...........
Fuck... my heart too damn pain with all the memories.....

I am turning straight...
For all my aj friends out there.... those who can still friend me... let me know....
I will not contact you guys or whatsoever....
If we are still friends... hope you can contact me instead...

My LJ will also end here.... maybe temporarily... I also dunno...
But how LJ started... maybe that is how it should end....
I wish all of you many happy returns....

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A few words to summarise my long absence from livejournal and MSN...
i) Playing Maple Story
ii) Playing A3
iii) Fixing New furniture in the free time without the games
iv) Trying to catch enough sleep because of all the gaming
v) Date? How hard izzit nowadays....... I felt lonely again.....
Am I happier? How can I sometimes? To think or not to think....

Although I dun think anybody did really miss me....
But I will miss someone....... but..... lets be practical eh?

Okay, shall end here..... and the end... is painful....
DARN... PMS? Just Babbling...
LJ is good for all these negative rubbish eh?
Dun read so much, I am speaking in riddles.

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